ITSM Bridge 3.3 Released

We are pleased to announce the 3.3 release of ITSM Bridge incorporating advanced support for migrating attachments and images between Service Management applications.  Now you can choose which attachments you want to migrate with each record (either all, selected or none) and/or migrate selected images such as those used extensively within Knowledge Management articles and Service Request Management applications.

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ITSM Bridge 3.2 Released

We are pleased to announce that the 3.2 release of ITSM Bridge is now available.  This release introduces the concept of temporary variables - a step change in the flexibility of data conversion. Temporary variables allow the user to define rules for the temporary storage and conversion of data between source and target environments.  This temporary storage means that multiple conversion steps can be applied to a source field, (or combination of source fields), when generating a value for a target field.

For example you could setup the following variables:

var1 = site name (lookup from site table using Site ID)

var2 = company (lookup from Company table using Company ID)

target field = 'Site: ' + var1 + ' Company: ' + var2

which would generate a string containing both the site and company name.  Note that any combination of the 5 mapping types (simple, assignment, lookup, reference or value match) can be used with temporary variables making this enhancement extremely powerful and addressing the vast majority of data conversion/cleansing requirements.

Also included in this release is:

Specific enhancements and new migration template for those Service Now customers moving from the standard Service Now HR Service Management application to the new HRSM Scoped application, specifically around HR Templates and HR Services;

new migration option to specify the application scope for the target data;

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ITSM Bridge 3.0 Release

We are pleased to announce that the 3.0 release of ITSM Bridge is now available.  This release includes Advanced Migration Management (AMM), resulting from an overhaul of the migration architecture to accommodate large-scale migration projects.   In situations where customers need to migrate more that 1 million transaction records, AMM provides a reliable and robust solution by breaking the migration down into configurable chunks.  Improvements have also been made to the performance, particularly at the start of the migration process.

Also included in this release is:

standard support for the migration of attachments between Service Now instances;

improvements to the lookup mapping feature to provide more flexibility;

changes to most migration options which can now be defined at form mapping level (previously could only be set for the entire project);

These enhancements apply to both Service Now and BMC Remedy migration projects.

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Change Management Migration

We are pleased to announce the release of a new Change Management Template for ITSM Bridge users running BMC Remedy applications.  This template can be used for selectively migrating Change Management data from ITSM 8.1 (or older) to the ITSM 9.1 Change Management application whilst maintaining data integrity and without the need for time-consuming export/import operations or load forms.

The template can also be used to migrate ITSM 8.1 Change Management data between servers on the same application platform such as between production and test instances running ITSM 8.1.

All associated data such as Work Info, Tasks, Task Groups, Relationships, Approvals, Work Effort Logs, Notification Logs etc are included in the template so that the migrated CRs can be viewed in their entirety.

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Upgrading to the new HR SM Scoped Application

With the recent Istanbul release of Service Now, there is new HR SM Scoped Application.  In order to help customers migrate to this application from legacy HR Case apps, we are now offering a pre-configured template that can be used with the 2.6 release of ITSM Bridge.

This template can be used with the standard HR Case application that was available with Fuji, Geneva and Helsinki to migrate data to the HR Case Scoped application on Istanbul.  Includes associated data records such as business rules, script includes, scheduled jobs, categories, record producers, HR catalog items, variables, In-bound email actions, skills, knowledge categories and articles, UI actions, UI Policies, Data Policies and HR Templates.

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ITSM Bridge 2.6 Release

We are pleased to announce that the 2.6 release of ITSM Bridge is now available.  This release includes an important enhancement which allows users to define parent-child relationships between data mappings.  For example, migrate all tasks that belong to a parent change request where the change request itself is defined using a separate data mapping.  The parent and child are linked using a configurable field selection on each.

If no suitable parent data mapping exists, the user can define a query instead based on any form/table on the source server to identify the parent record.

This enhancement applies to both Service Now and BMC Remedy migration projects.

We believe that this enhancement provides greater flexibility for our customers as they can now define more precisely exactly which records they want to migrate without being limited to a simple query.

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ITSM Bridge 2.5 Release

We are pleased to announce that the new 2.5 release of ITSM Bridge is now available for download from our website.

Here’s a summary of the new features in 2.5:

    -Difference Report to identify differences in the field definitions on source and target servers, including custom fields that may have been added to one server but not the other;

    -Highlighting of those Differences in the Form and Field Lists;

    -Export of Differences Report to CSV for future analysis;

    -Target Record Counter to count number of records on all target forms pre/post migration;

    -Source Record Counter to count number of source records based on current Source Filter;

    -General Improvements to UI.

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ITSM Bridge helps customers upgrade to Remedy 9.1

We are pleased to announce the release of ITSM Bridge 2.4 which is now available for trial, rental or production use.

This release includes enhanced support for Remedy customers planning to upgrade to Remedy 9.1 from previous versions, in particular the 7.6.04 release for which support is coming to an end shortly.   This is achieved through the supply of templates which can be used to migrate both foundation and transactional data from your legacy to your target environment.  The software and templates can be downloaded from here: 

ITSM Bridge 2.4 also includes significant performance enhancements to ensure that customers with large data-sets can successfully migrate what they need without significant downtime.

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ITSM Bridge Announces Partnership with BMC Software

ITSM Bridge are pleased to announce that we recently became a technology alliance partner (TAP) with BMC Software.    BMC is a global leader in innovative software solutions that enable businesses to transform into digital enterprises for the ultimate competitive advantage.   By working closely with BMC,  ITSM Bridge has up to date visibility of the very latest Remedy-based applications.  This allows us to build templates and test ITSM Bridge on the latest BMC Remedy applications such as ITSM or HR Case Management.  It also allows to take a more active role in the BMC Community.

We are now better equipped to help serve our customers in achieving and even exceeding their expectations with respect to application data migration, either for upgrade projects to ITSM 9.1 or for MSPs needing to onboard new customers or for facilitating the migration from custom applications or legacy platforms.

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ITSM Bridge 2.3 released

We are pleased to announce the release of ITSM Bridge 2.3 which is available now for trial or upgrade.  

This release, includes for the first time, support for migration of data between Service Now instances.  When combined with the core product features (which include transformation of data using a set of advanced data manipulation functions), this makes ITSM Bridge the perfect tool for moving data between instances, either as a one-off exercise, or as part of an ongoing synchronisation requirement.

Examples of data-sets that you might consider migrating between instances:

Configuration Data such as Companies, Locations, Departments etc

All Open Incidents, Problems and Change Requests

Categories, Catalog Items and Variables

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