ITSM Bridge 3.9 Release

We are pleased to announce the 3.9 release of ITSM Bridge which includes a number of improvements to simplify the migration of data between ServiceNow instances.

Instance Migrator Graphic.jpg

New enhancements to 3.9 release include:

  1. New set of migration templates for migrating between ServiceNow instances including Knowledge, Service Portals, Social Data, System tables and improvements to Workflow Migration, Service Catalog, Product Catalog, Incident and Problem templates.

  2. New configuration option to support preservation of Sys-ID values when migrating records between ServiceNow instances. This helps to maintain data integrity and removes the need for reference mappings in many cases.

  3. Improvements to Workflow migration to ensure that expressions containing reference fields and activity variables are migrated correctly.

  4. New ID Replacement field mapping type to support migration of conditional expressions between ServiceNow instances;

  5. Changes to support migration of date-time fields between servers in different time-zones or using different date-time formats such as 24hour or AM/PM format.

  6. Improvements to BMC Remedy->ServiceNow migration templates, particularly in relation to migration of Work-Log records to Journal Entries, maintaining user-names and time-stamps.

  7. New option to re-use key mappings derived from other mappings in the same project with the same source and target tables.

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