ITSM Bridge 3.10 Release

We are pleased to announce the 3.10 release of ITSM Bridge. This includes migration of workflow context between ServiceNow instances saving significant effort for customers planning to migrate live requests with associated workflow.

Watch the video demonstration here

Summary of new features included in the 3.10 release:

  1. Updates to existing migration templates (incident, problem, requests) to support migration of related in-flight workflow between ServiceNow instances. This means that for any records with partly completed workflow, following migration, the workflow can continue from the point that it left-off on the originating instance. This saves significant effort from not having to re-create tickets or manually close down workflow prior to migration.

  2. New migration template for migrating Service Requests with related items, catalog tasks, approvals, recurring prices etc between ServiceNow instances;

  3. New migration templates for ITBM, in particular Portfolios, Programs, Projects and Demands;

  4. Minor improvements to ITSM Bridge User Interface to highlight invalid form and field references and ignore them if required during execution.