ITSM Bridge 3.2 Released

We are pleased to announce that the 3.2 release of ITSM Bridge is now available.  This release introduces the concept of temporary variables - a step change in the flexibility of data conversion. Temporary variables allow the user to define rules for the temporary storage and conversion of data between source and target environments.  This temporary storage means that multiple conversion steps can be applied to a source field, (or combination of source fields), when generating a value for a target field.

For example you could setup the following variables:

var1 = site name (lookup from site table using Site ID)

var2 = company (lookup from Company table using Company ID)

target field = 'Site: ' + var1 + ' Company: ' + var2

which would generate a string containing both the site and company name.  Note that any combination of the 5 mapping types (simple, assignment, lookup, reference or value match) can be used with temporary variables making this enhancement extremely powerful and addressing the vast majority of data conversion/cleansing requirements.

Also included in this release is:

Specific enhancements and new migration template for those Service Now customers moving from the standard Service Now HR Service Management application to the new HRSM Scoped application, specifically around HR Templates and HR Services;

new migration option to specify the application scope for the target data;

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