Change Management Migration

We are pleased to announce the release of a new Change Management Template for ITSM Bridge users running BMC Remedy applications.  This template can be used for selectively migrating Change Management data from ITSM 8.1 (or older) to the ITSM 9.1 Change Management application whilst maintaining data integrity and without the need for time-consuming export/import operations or load forms.

The template can also be used to migrate ITSM 8.1 Change Management data between servers on the same application platform such as between production and test instances running ITSM 8.1.

All associated data such as Work Info, Tasks, Task Groups, Relationships, Approvals, Work Effort Logs, Notification Logs etc are included in the template so that the migrated CRs can be viewed in their entirety.

To try it for yourself visit our downloads page

Or for more information email