ITSM Bridge is now Precision Bridge

Over the past few months, in consultation with our customers and partners we have been through an extensive re-branding exercise resulting in a name and logo change from ITSM Bridge to Precision Bridge. This reflects the latest and growing capability of the product in addressing the data migration and integration needs of customers for non-ITSM applications such as HR, ITBM, CSM and custom apps.

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Rest-assured there is no change to the product functionality - it is still the same great product that our existing customers and partners are familiar with other than the change of name. We are grateful for your continued support as we continue to roll-out new product enhancements and integrations to address your requirements and more information on these will follow in due course.

ITSM Bridge 4.0 Release with migration scheduling

We are pleased to announce the 4.0 release of ITSM Bridge which includes advanced migration scheduling. This adds significant flexibility to the product by allowing operators to schedule multiple projects to run out of hours without needing to manually initiate them.

Scheduling of multiple migration projects

Scheduling of multiple migration projects

Summary of new features included in the 4.0 release:

  1. Scheduling of multiple migration projects to run at pre-defined scheduled dates/times

  2. Option to configure migration dependencies to control sequencing of scheduled projects

  3. Option to force migrations to start outside of defined business hours to limit impact on operations

  4. New Instance Comparison Analysis and Reporting to view differences in data models for any table;

  5. New Execution view to separate design activities from scheduling executions and reporting;

  6. New enhanced reporting UI with both summary and detailed reports showing number of creates/updates/skips/warnings/errors for every table mapping and for the project as a whole;

  7. Improved performance for loading and viewing project definitions;

  8. Auto-highlighting of missing tables in red in the mapping list;

  9. New migration templates for migrating reports, business rules, client scripts and notifications between ServiceNow instances.

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Systems Integrator saves 90% effort migrating data to ServiceNow

A global Systems Integrator recently completed a significant migration project using ITSM Bridge to migrate a customer from multiple legacy platforms to ServiceNow.

The client’s requirements included the transfer of all knowledge, CMDB, foundation data, software contracts, and two years’ worth of transaction data from the incident, problem, known error, change, request, and task forms including related CIs and historical work-log entries.  In addition to migrating from the legacy ITSM platform, the requirements included transferring a Microsoft SharePoint Library and CA Clarity Projects to ServiceNow.  Each of the sources contained live and historic data.  The live data needed to create viable transactions that would be managed through the complete ServiceNow lifecycle thereby maintaining data integrity.

By using ITSM Bridge, it took one person just 2 months to complete the required data mappings, migration, testing and deployment to production. Without ITSM Bridge, the Systems Integrator estimated that it would have taken a team of 4-6 people at least 6 months to deliver using a purely manual approach which would have been fraught with the risks of human error.

Mark Herring, Co-Founder of ITSM Bridge commented: “I am delighted that this project has been such a success. It instils confidence and re-assurance in both the technical delivery teams and management that such projects can be cost-effective, delivered on time and provide results that are accurate and reliable. Without ITSM Bridge some migration projects are deemed too time-consuming and expensive to deliver meaning that valuable data can be left behind. This project clearly demonstrates that migrating valuable data can be done in a cost-effective timely manner with reliable results”.

ITSM Bridge 3.10 Release

We are pleased to announce the 3.10 release of ITSM Bridge. This includes migration of workflow context between ServiceNow instances saving significant effort for customers planning to migrate live requests with associated workflow.

Watch the video demonstration here

Summary of new features included in the 3.10 release:

  1. Updates to existing migration templates (incident, problem, requests) to support migration of related in-flight workflow between ServiceNow instances. This means that for any records with partly completed workflow, following migration, the workflow can continue from the point that it left-off on the originating instance. This saves significant effort from not having to re-create tickets or manually close down workflow prior to migration.

  2. New migration template for migrating Service Requests with related items, catalog tasks, approvals, recurring prices etc between ServiceNow instances;

  3. New migration templates for ITBM, in particular Portfolios, Programs, Projects and Demands;

  4. Minor improvements to ITSM Bridge User Interface to highlight invalid form and field references and ignore them if required during execution.

ITSM Bridge 3.9 Release

We are pleased to announce the 3.9 release of ITSM Bridge which includes a number of improvements to simplify the migration of data between ServiceNow instances.

Instance Migrator Graphic.jpg

New enhancements to 3.9 release include:

  1. New set of migration templates for migrating between ServiceNow instances including Knowledge, Service Portals, Social Data, System tables and improvements to Workflow Migration, Service Catalog, Product Catalog, Incident and Problem templates.

  2. New configuration option to support preservation of Sys-ID values when migrating records between ServiceNow instances. This helps to maintain data integrity and removes the need for reference mappings in many cases.

  3. Improvements to Workflow migration to ensure that expressions containing reference fields and activity variables are migrated correctly.

  4. New ID Replacement field mapping type to support migration of conditional expressions between ServiceNow instances;

  5. Changes to support migration of date-time fields between servers in different time-zones or using different date-time formats such as 24hour or AM/PM format.

  6. Improvements to BMC Remedy->ServiceNow migration templates, particularly in relation to migration of Work-Log records to Journal Entries, maintaining user-names and time-stamps.

  7. New option to re-use key mappings derived from other mappings in the same project with the same source and target tables.

    If you would like more information, please contact us at

Webinar: Instance Migration Made Easy


Instance Migration Made Easy!


October 9th at 11:00 EDT


During this webinar, we will be demonstrating how to migrate application data between ServiceNow instances without the need for exporting/importing, scripting or development of any kind. 

The two use cases that we will consider are: 
1) migrating HRSD application data to another instance and 
2) migrating customer-specific data from a domain separated to a dedicated instance; 

We will be demonstrating the ServiceNow certified application from ITSM Bridge for implementing data migration and sharing feedback from other ServiceNow customers who have taken advantage of this approach. 

We will also have subject matter experts on-line taking interactive questions as part of the session. 

Places are limited so please reserve your place now by clicking on the link below:

Register for Instance Migration Made Easy

Webinar on Data Migration for MSPs


Data Migration for ServiceNow Service Providers

Date:  Sep 13th 10:00 BST


During this webinar, co-hosted by ServiceNow and ITSM Bridge, we will be demonstrating how to address some of the key challenges faced by ServiceNow service providers with respect to data migration. 

The two use cases that we will consider are: 
1) on-boarding customers from legacy platforms and
2) migrating customers to their own dedicated instance; 

We will be demonstrating the ServiceNow certified application from ITSM Bridge for implementing data migration and sharing feedback from other ServiceNow customers who have taken advantage of this approach. 

We will also have subject matter experts on-line taking interactive questions as part of the session. 

Places are limited so please reserve your place now by clicking on the link below.


Global Systems Integrator selects ITSM Bridge

A global systems integrator with offices in 40 countries and a ServiceNow silver partner recently selected ITSM Bridge to address their data migration requirements following the acquisition of a managed service provider.  ITSM Bridge will be used to migrate CMDB, Incident, problem, change and contract data from a legacy BMC Remedy application to ServiceNow.  One of the reasons that ITSM Bridge was selected was the ability to seamlessly migrate attachments from legacy records to the ServiceNow equivalent.

ITSM Bridge significantly reduces the effort required to migrate data between Service Management platforms by providing a direct connection between source and target environments supported by a set of pre-built migration templates to accelerate delivery whilst maintaining data integrity.

Mark Herring, co-founder of ITSM Bridge commented: "I am delighted that this leading systems integrator have selected ITSM Bridge for this important project.  We look forward to helping address their data migration requirements over the coming weeks and are fully committed to making this project a complete success"

For more information, please contact

Instance Migrator now on ServiceNow store

We are pleased to announce that the ITSM Bridge Instance Migrator application is now available on the Service Now store, here.    

Instance Migrator is a ServiceNow certified migration utility which allows customers to migrate selected data from one instance to another.  For highly customised applications, or when migrating from multi-domain to single-domain, it often makes sense to re-platform to a vanilla instance as part of the upgrade process.  But doing so in a reliable way without loss of functionality can be a challenge.   

Instance Migrator provides an intuitive table-mapping user interface which allows the user to choose which tables to migrate and which field-level customisations to include in the migration whilst maintaining data integrity across platforms without the need for intensive scripting or other development.  By automating the migration process, it can substantially reduce the effort, time and cost of completing the re-platforming exercise whilst providing the opportunity to purge historical or redundant records.

For services partners, Instance Migrator can drive improvements in productivity by delivering projects faster without impacting on revenue, thereby freeing up resources to work on other projects.

For more information, contact us at

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Knowledge 18 and Release 3.7

ITSM Bridge are proud to be sponsoring Knowledge 18 in Las Vegas from 7th - 10th May.  If you are attending, please come and visit us at booth N12 where you will see live demonstrations of the new release of ITSM Bridge 3.7.  This release includes support for our new Instance Migrator application which allows customers to migrate Service Now applications between instances whilst maintaining data integrity.  For example:

Single to multi-domain, multi to single domain, Single to Single domain or Multi to Multi domain either for re-platforming, expanding your infrastructure or synchronising data between production instances.

Includes migration of attachments and images with options to select ranges of source data records based on customer, create dates or any other source field criteria.

For more information please visit us at booth N12 or contact us at

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