We simplify the migration of data between Service Management platforms.

Most organisations struggle with the migration of data from legacy systems to their Service Management platforms often resorting to lengthy analysis and manually intensive processes that can take several weeks to implement.  

ITSM Bridge provides a highly configurable, infrastructure agnostic user interface for defining data mapping conversion rules between Service Management applications, then delivers seamless migration at the push of a button without the need for spreadsheets, formatting or scripting of any kind.

ITSM Bridge automates data migration in a seamless, efficient and reliable way either as a one-off or as an ongoing data synchronisation program where both the source data and target platforms are run in parallel.

Rather than spend time figuring out how to perform data migration from platform to platform, organisations can now spend their valuable time figuring out what to migrate, and then do so in an automated fashion. The end result? Saved dollars and improved data quality.

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